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John Berberian

John Berberian is a self-professed healthcare entrepreneur. An Atlanta, GA, medical professional, Dr. Berberian is a Doctor of Chiropractic by trade and a graduate of Life University in Marietta, GA (2000). Dr. Berberian received his BS in Biology from the University of Rhode Island in 1996. He was born in Paterson, NJ, on October 15, 1974, and has lived in Atlanta, GA since Jan. 1997.

Berberian practiced Chiropractic Medicine for two years. Soon thereafter, he followed his passion for diagnostic testing.
Dr. John Berberian of Atlanta, GA: Career Highlights

2003 – Dr. Berberian founded Proactive Medical Diagnostics, LLC. Proactive Medical Diagnostics was a mobile nerve conduction, needle EMG and musculoskeletal ultrasound company. In all, Dr. Berbarian employed 16 technicians traveling across 16 states.

2009 – Dr. John Berberian of Atlanta, GA, started United Allergy Laboratories, LLC, with divisions in Georgia and Texas. United Allergy Laboratories was a proprietary platform offering allergy scratch testing and immunotherapy for environmental airborne allergens. After growing the company into 9 states, Dr. Berberian sold half of his interests to Private Equity Company. Private Equity Company went on to expand to over 30 states and 1,200 employees.

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